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Early warning: New Parallel Bars rails

The current parallel bars rails "Dynamoflex" will soon be out of supply. We faced too many quality issues during the last year, that have led to delays in the supply of our Parallel Bars "Melbourne" in the past. Therefore we have decided to replace these rails by a new version, which utilizes the already known natural fiber technology of our “Fiberflex Pro” uneven bars rails on our parallel bar rails.
As a result, we will also release a changed Parallel Bars Model named “Melbourne Pro”, which includes the new “Dynamoflex Pro” rails.
We will soon update you about the two products once we have finalized all the details.
The important information for you is now:
We are now out of supply for replacement rails “Dynamoflex” (Art. 2202556) as we will use the last stock to be able to extend the supply for Parallel Bars “Melbourne” (Art. 1403110)
Both Parallel Bars “Melbourne” and “Melbourne Pro” will keep/get its FIG Certificate, also with the previous “Dynamoflex” rails
The “Dynamoflex Pro” rails will also suite to Parallel Bars “Melbourne” and keep the FIG-certification as well